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Keep all your students connected off-campus, not just the ones that can afford Internet access. Whether your school is conducting hybrid learning, modified on-campus learning, or full distance learning, ensure a reliable internet connection is readily available for every student outside the classroom.

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The very foundation of effective distance learning is access for every student to suitable Internet access to support their video classroom, schoolwork and homework assignments.


Unfortunately, the digital divide not only still exists but is widening. And many students do not have proper access to the internet, greatly compromising their academic success, and future achievements.


Ensure every student can access online learning programs outside the classroom with a CBRS network. This functional and cost effective solution provides enterprise-grade private LTE networking capabilities to all in your community. Complete control of the network ensures you can provide a secure, safe learning environment. 

With CBRS solutions, any student home can instantly be transformed into a classroom.

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CBRS Solutions

CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) is technically defined as a wireless broadcast band operating at 3.5 GHz (3550 MHz to 3700 MHz) in the United States. While that's interesting, the real value comes from how it's different from typical cellular and WiFi networks. 


Over half of the spectrum is reserved for General Authorized Access (GAA) meaning that schools and other organizations can operate in the spectrum without having to bid against large telecommunications companies for the right to use it like other cellular networks


Because the FCC has approved power ratings of 50 watts for CBRS, much broader areas can be covered as compared to WiFi which is limited to 4 watts. This means reaching more students over a larger geography with less hardware at a lower overall cost. 

How it works

CBRS networks provide improved data streaming capabilities, capacity, range, and the increased security of LTE. Your school can benefit from lower ongoing costs and industry leading managed services because our solutions are built on advanced cloud technologies that scale up and down as needed without compromising performance or scalability.

Let a Lead Out CBRS solution power your students' learning with fast private broadband data, and the coverage, capacity and control your schools need. It delivers extensive connectivity options, supporting a range of devices, including home routers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and more.

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CBRS was designed to provide broad coverage for the devices of your teachers, students, and staff across a large geography...miles of coverage area vs. hundreds of feet for WiFi alone. 



CBRS provides adequate bandwidth for all students and teachers to perform their school activities. LTE allows more efficient allocation of broadband spectrum, offering predictable performance at all times.

Know exactly which students, faculty, and staff members and devices are on the network. Network level access controls allow full control over what networks and sites your users can access.


CBRS requires every user to have a provisioned and controlled SIM Card in their device to access the network.


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