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​Our Service PRovider INTegration (SPRINT) platform bridges the gap between buyer expectations and the delivery capabilities of IT service providers, leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention along with a differentiated service offering. 

SPRINT facilitates information sharing across service provider divisions to holistically manage the buyer experience while simultaneously and transparently conveying that information to customers directly. 

Those capabilities are further extended with process integration across organizational boundaries and combined with internal insights and industry benchmarks resulting in improved operational efficiency and better managed customer expectations. 

SPRINT enables you to deliver these results and create a buyer experience that will close the customer expectation gap and differentiate your company in the market. 


the ultimate client experience system

In today’s complex IT ecosystems, service providers are faced with incredible challenges to satisfy client needs with operational efficiency. Siloed departments and information make managing client communication at scale difficult.


View SPRINT  Cl in action


Consistent uniform messaging combined with self-service and personalized delivery options means clients have the information they need to ensure satisfaction.

SPRINT    CI delivers the right information to the right people with timely precision.

the ultimate vendor integration system


Today, business is dependent on complex, distributed IT ecosystems from many providers. Combined with departments buying their own IT, extracting timely information from and integrating processes with your providers is difficult or impossible.


View SPRINT  Vl in action


Holistic vendor integration and governance is critical to ensuring a superior user experience. 

SPRINT    VI is the platform to solve your vendor integration problems through unsurpassed visibility and accountability.

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