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A flexible data pipeline as a service utilizing advanced AI techniques to

derive insights and uncover value from unstructured information sources.

Data extraction at the highest accuracy rates in the industry

Information verification for disparate data source matching, regulatory compliance, data loss prevention, etc.

Data transformation to facilitate data exchange

Entity-relationship and knowledge graph mapping for corpus insights

Intelligent / domain-specific search for more accurate and complete interrogation capabilities


By most estimations, more than 80% of the data in the world resides in unstructured text and that volume continues to grow with today’s exponential data creation rates. Rich data elements are trapped in countless formats (documents, transcripts, etc.) spread across many disparate locations. Gaining access to these sources is challenging not to mention the difficulty in mining data with no structure, inconsistent or ambiguous terminology, and whose definition may be context dependent. 


Un2Data solves these challenges by combining best of breed OCR, NLP/NLU, and ML/DL technologies together with proprietary, domain-specific ontologies and machine learning models in a flexible data pipeline. A cloud native architecture provides capabilities to source data from numerous locations and dynamically combine the best functions from many vendors, thus utilizing the best tool for the job.



  • Ensures the most accurate result

  • Processes in real-time or near real-time speeds at enormous scale

  • Delivers deep AI insights through ad-hoc, contextual search and entity-relationship mapping

  • Provides various visualization methods including knowledge graphs

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